If a man digs clams right out of the sand using only his hands, can we say that this man is an entrepreneur? If he starts up a web site for seafood du jour? If he comes up with cures for a host of diseases? If he shuts down a startup or manhandles footholds with fine-tuned alacrity and cosmic debris, anointed by sailors and then set adrift. I've known such a man, and his wife was not happy. No matter how gently he fondled her wig she wouldn't look up from her cup of vermouth. Her one jagged tooth, deep-set in her gum, filed down to a nub, her tub wouldn't drain so she called the police, but the precinct was closed so she lay there and mildewed and read from her much dog-eared copy of Rilke and killed a few hours regaling her sheep, who bleated so loudly she never could sleep. She found it ironic but then forgot why, and slid down into the dark water to die.