If the creamed corn
in your camcorder
If the maggot attack
in your breezeway
If the blood sausage
in your nasal horn
If the glutinous mucous
in your phonograph
If the neck sweat
in your rubber gasket
If the fudgey sludge
in your suggestion box
If the cat dander
in your coreander
If the manatee piddle
in your paradiddle
If the flat flam
in your sardine can

Then the mustache comb
on your vanity
Then the toxic foam
on your toaster cozy
Then the talcum sandwich
in your champagne bath
Then the clotted thoughts
in your mental vest
Then the campaign posters
in your cobra spine
Then the liverwurst soup
in your Ben Vereen tureen
Then the scandal wax
in your Rolaid paste
Then the kickbox bruises
in your long-erased savings