Volume 2, Episode 12

May 1, 2007

The Lumberyard's second annual presentation of student poets from Hartford Public High School.

Allyson Rodriguez
Erica Hall
Michael James
Iesha Rivera
Dany Contreras
Jerry Santiago
Comments on writing poetry:
..-Ashley Anguita
..-Dany Contreras
..-Michael James
..-Erica Hall
..-Glynn Brown
..-Tina Beckman
Megan Chenette
HPHS Poetry Club:
..-Ashley Anguita
..-Dany Contreras
..-Shawnette Brown
..-Mickey Muniz
..-Harry Rivera
..-Iesha Rivera
Glynn Brown
Ashley Anguita
Jonathan Felix
Tina Beckman

Background music for the student comments on writing by Joey Interlande. Thanks to Andy Pitre and Calvin Saxton at WHUS for their help in
the studio and to Melissa Rinaldo and the UConn Writing Center for
making the HPHS students' visit to the UConn campus possible.