Ken Cormier
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Take a seat. Do you want a drink? Here, use a coaster. Mmm, that's it. Loosen your tie. Put on these glasses. Do you see all the individual objects now? Sit closer to me. Do you need a pen? Write your name down. Nice.

What's that? Do you hear that? Look, the table's shaking. The windows are rattling. Don't worry. I've been here for a long time and nothing bad ever happens. Close your eyes. Imagine you're floating somewhere. Come on now, I want to see a smile. Yeah, that's it. Doesn't it feel better when you smile?

I have some photos to show you. They're right here in this album. You know I have them all organized. Do you remember this? There you are. It's kind of hard to see, but if you look closely— see? Right there. In the sky. Do you remember that? You went pretty high up that day. No rope. No safety net. Just suspended there. That was a great day.

Are you cold? Here, put on this hat. Want some cocoa? Let's light a fire. How's that? Too much? Is it all too much? Just sit back. Put on these dark glasses. Yeah. You look great. Here are some mittens. I knitted these. Put them on. Nice. Hold your legs up. Let me get you into this snowsuit. There you go. Now lean forward. Give me your arms. Do want me to zip the hood? How's that? You look happy.

What's that? Were you going to say something? Are you sure? You can say something. No? You're being shy. You were always shy. So quiet. Quiet and shy. Out in the backyard, keeping yourself busy. I hardly knew you were there.

You want a cracker? Go ahead, I have a lot of crackers. That's right. Here's a napkin. You're getting crumbs all over. That's alright. I need to clean this place anyway. You want some broth? I made it from scratch. Take a sip. You've never had broth like this. It's the best broth. The best god damn broth. Man, it's good.

Hey, look at that. You see the tower? I look up at that tower every morning. I wake up and it's the first thing I see. What do you think that tower's for? Electricity? Radio? What kind of signals are coming out of that tower? Do you know? Hey, don't get mad. Here. Put on these slippers. I won't talk about the tower anymore. Let's talk about you. Look at you. You're so sweet and kind. Look at your eyeballs. So smooth. Oh man. Does your head hurt? My head hurts. How about your throat? Wow, my knuckles are sore. Every day it gets worse. Do you have it, too? Maybe it's that tower. Oh, I don't know. So many invisible things. Do you ever feel that? Invisible things. Like rays. Sound waves. Particles. Zoom! Sssstttvvvv! Zhssa!

I'm sorry. Are you upset now? Lie back. Close your eyes. Look at your skin. It's all over the couch. That's okay. Here, bite down on this. Do you feel dizzy?